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Santa & Cole is a small, independent and global publisher of well-designed products (mainly lamps) based in Belloch (Barcelona, Spain). We distribute and sell our products and services in over 70 countries worldwide, with a view to fostering the humanity of our civil coexistence.

Founded in 1985, Santa & Cole lives for industrial design – the art of studying everyday objects to achieve a better experience in the way we use them, which forces us to reflect upon our material culture. For decades our editors have been telling the weird from the wonderful, the truth from the fad, to produce a stable catalogue of good Indoor products (indoor lamps and furniture) and two of Outdoor products (Lighting and Urban Elements).

Sin L Table Lamp
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Sin L Table Lamp

Santa & Cole
SIN32 + SIN3
Design history Designer: Antoni Arola Manufacturer: Santa & Cole, Spain Style: Contemporary Period: Design from 2013, produced in 2016 Description This is a lamp that owes its name to the many things it does without. It marries tradition and technology with the sobriety of a classic. It is a circle of light in two sizes, with or without shade, and has...
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