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Flavio Poli was an Italian ceramic artist, designer and a businessman. Poli was born in Chioggia, attended the Instituto d’Arte di Venezia and started working as a ceramics designer. In 1929 he switched to glass and designed for Libero Vitali’s I.V.A.M. Poli also collaborated with the Compagnia di Venezia e Murano. In 1934 he became the artistic director (and three years later a partner) of Barovier, Seguso & Ferro, which later became Seguso Vetri d’Arte. Together with Archimede Seguso, Poli was the author of grandiose lighting installations and of animals in massiccio glass shaped while hot, productions which represented a milestone in the development of Murano glass. In the years between 1950-1960, at the height of his artistic maturity, Poli designed a series of sommerso glass pieces in a Nordic style, which were awarded prestigious Compasso d’Oro prizes.

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