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Michael Thonet was a German-Austrian cabinet maker. He is renowned for the invention of bentwood furniture, which laid the groundwork for industrial production. Thonet first began experimenting with glued bentwood furniture in the 1830s. His success came in having light wood bent into graceful shapes by using hot steam to form the wood. This way he was able to design newly lightweight, elegant and comfortable furniture. In 1859, Thonet produced his famous coffee house chair Nr. 14 (today no. 214), which could be disassembled and thus produced in work-sharing processes and easily exported. Other designs: No. 1, Vienna chair, no. 209 and no. 247.

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  • NKSS00002B

    Design history Designer: August Thonet Manufacturer: Thonet Bros., Austria Style: Vienna Secession Period: circa 1900 Description Bentwood chairs with new silk seat upholstery. Chairs designed by August Thonet, the son of original bentwood furniture designer Michael Thonet. August took over his father's business in 1869. Details Materials and...


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